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Super Mario Run: Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Nintendo took the iconic Italian plumber on a journey across multiple genres. Super Mario Run combines the Temple Run concept and combines it with Mario’s popular side-scrolling action. Even if the controls are just simply tapping a single button, the courses can get quite challenging. If you underestimate this title, then you might be in for some frustrating experience.

Good thing we have various tips and tricks that you can use to master the game. We’ll give you a quick insight on what to look out for as you dodge obstacles, and jump over platforms.

Master The Art Of Endless Jumping

In this game, Mario is already running. You only get to control which direction he’ll be running towards and his ability to jump. Hopping over obstacles and platforms is the key feature of this title, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Some situations will require you to jump higher and longer. To do so, you’ll need to hold the jump button. You can also do a Mega Jump by tapping the same button while in mid-air. Toppling enemies from above can also give you a big boost!

Under normal circumstances, you only need a quick tap on the jump button. Keep in mind that you’ll need to time your jumps right as Mario won’t stop running no matter what. You’ll have no control over his speed either. Keep this in mind when you move through the World Tour or Remix 10!

Super Mario Run PC

Grab All The Available Power-Ups

Like any Mario game, you’ll get power-ups to help you through levels. But instead of the fiery flower or the flight suit, you get others unique to this title. The Bubble button on the top of your screen gives you the power to go back a few seconds in time– saving you from near-death, or allowing you to get coins you missed. Hammers give you the ability to crush Thwomps in your kingdom. Mario also has the ability to jump between walls in tight situations. Finally, getting a star attracts coins to you– this is especially important in Toad Rally.

Keep these tips in mind when you start your Super Mario Run adventure. Just remember to pause the game now and then as it can get very addictive real quick. In fact, do your eyes a favor, download and play this popular Nintendo game on PC! You’ll get access to full-screen gameplay and more! Just hit that “Play For Free” button to start!