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The Perfect Guide for Super Mario Run Beginners

Super Mario Run is a title by Nintendo that mixes the classic Mario games with the endless running concept. It offers unique gameplay features that aren’t present in its predecessors or any other running titles. While they’re fun to play around with, it can also be daunting to new players. So for you to keep up with what’s going on in Super Mario Run, we’ve prepared this handy guide.

Start Your Journey in World Tour

If you want to know the game’s core mechanics then start your journey on the World Tour. It’s the primary game mode of Super Mario Run– and also acts as its story chapter. Your task is to save Princess Peach from the hands of Bowser while trying to rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom. This mode has 24 courses overall with varying difficulties.

Speaking of rebuilding, this title also offers a Kingdom Builder where you can place buildings, decorations, and Toads! Recreate the Mushroom Kingdom your way while Peach isn’t around to hamper your design!

Show Your Competitive Side In Toad Rally

Previous Mario games have always kept count of your high scores. Usually, these points are compared against friends or avid fans in the arcade. It satiates the competitive thirst for hardcore players. This title doesn’t shy away from giving gamers a chance to show what they’re made of. Toad Rally is Super Mario Run’s way of pitting you against rivals worldwide. The difference is that you’ll do it in style. Rack up points by collecting coins and performing outrageous jumping stunts!

Super Mario Run Free

Run For The Adventure But Live for The Coins

Coins play a vital role in this game. Collecting them gives you the ability to purchase more items in-game. This is especially true when you’re constructing your kingdom. Buildings and decorations cost coins, and if you want to get the best ones, you’ll need to have more of those shiny currencies. Additionally, winning Toad Rallies can net you some Toads. These are used to unlock more items in the Kingdom Builder– adding more neat stuff to your collection. Remember to spend them wisely as they are hard to come by.

Now that you have all the basic information you need to start your Super Mario Run journey, make sure to double down on the fun gameplay. Download our free PC version and you’ll experience improved full-screen graphics as well as customizable keymaps! You’ll never have to deal with unresponsive touch controls again. You’ll also get access to tons of other gaming content unavailable anywhere else!